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Illinois Wing Staff

Wing Staff Org Chart

Illinois Wing Headquarters GLR-IL-001
Command Staff  
Commander Col Robert Dempsey Jr
Vice Commander Lt Col John Fletcher
Chief of Staff Maj Michael Larson
Deputy Chief of Staff Lt Col Joe Long
Deputy Chief of Staff for Continuous Compliance Lt Col Tod Whitmore
Command NCO MSgt Frank A. D’Angelo, Jr
Advisor to the Commander Col Fred R. Rosenberg
USAF-CAP Liaison Region Director of Operations (LR ADO)  
Wing Administrator  
Wing Administrator Ms Debbie Snyder
Special Staff  
Wing Chaplain Capt Kevin Massey
Deputy Wing Chaplain Capt Dovid Grossman
Deputy Chaplain For Training and Mentoring Vacant
Deputy Chaplain For QPR Implementation and Recruiting Vacant
Inspector General Lt Col Steven Weber
Assistant Inspector General Lt Col Carol Hertel
Assistant Inspector General Lt Col Steve Caldrone
Medical Officer Lt Col Sydney Schneidman
Legal Officer Col Robert M. Karton
Assistant Legal Officer Lt Col Scott Bagnall
Government Relations Advisor Lt Col Harold Damron
Legislative Squadron Commander Lt Col Harold Damron
Agency Liaison Lt Col Andrew Welch
Diversity Officer Lt Col Jaquelyn Rounds
Safety Officer  
Safety Officer Capt Arzania (Zook) Williams
Asst Safety Officer Lt Col Harold Damron
Director of Personnel Lt Col Rich Miller
Assistant Personnel Lt Col John J Higgins, Jr
Assistant Personnel Col Fred R. Rosenberg
Assistant Personnel Maj Kenneth Mysliwiec
Director of Administration 1st Lt Joanne Weber
Assistant Administration Lt Col Rich Miller
Assistant Administration Col Fred R. Rosenberg
Education and Training (formerly Professional Development)  
Director of Education & Training 1st Lt Jamie Hiles
Assistant Director of Education & Training Lt Col Jacob Hiles
Assistant Director of Education & Training 1st Lt Dawn Iselin
Assistant Director of Education & Training 1st Lt Joanne Weber
Information Technology  
Director of Information Technology Maj Edward Danley
Asst IT Officer 2Lt Victor Susanto
Illinois Wing Utility (IWU) Col Rickey Oeth
HQ Calendar Administrator Col Rickey Oeth
ERSI - Mapping (GIS) Capt Thomas Schramka
Cyber Defense Officer Maj Ryan Stalets
Asst Cyber Defense 2Lt William Klosa
CyberPatriot and Stellar Explorer SM Thomas Stutesman
Director of Public Affairs Lt Col Paul Hertel
Assistant Public Affairs Officer Maj Greg Hoffeditz
Assistant Public Affairs Officer Capt H Michael Miley
Director of Recruiting & Retention Lt Col Carol Curtis
Assistant Recruiting & Retention Capt David Lee
Director of Operations Capt Gary Brown
Deputy Director of Operations Maj Wes Flannell
Assistant Operations Officer Major Brian Pokuta
Operations - Flight  
Orientation Flight Officer Maj James Wresch
Asst. Orientation Flight Officer 2d Lt Ryan Carmichael
Glider Program Officer Maj Jackie Lefevre
Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Officer 2nd Lt Brendan Stewart
Operations - Stan/Eval  
Standardization/Evaluation Maj Dave Hooper
Chief Check Pilot Examiner Maj Dave Hooper
Chief Mission Check Pilot Examiner Lt Col Joe Long
Operations - Emergency Services  
Emergency Services Officer Lt Col Larry Hebda
Assistant Emergency Services Officer Lt Col Andrew Welch
ES Training Officer Lt Col Kirk Thirtyacre
Operations - Ground  
Ground Training Officer Lt Col Ray Walden III
Mission Base Staff Training Officer Lt Col Ray Walden III
Operations - Aircraft Maintenance  
Aircraft Maintenance Officer Lt Col Robert Baron
Assistant Aircraft Maintenance Officer Lt Col Charles Boyle
Assistant Aircraft Maintenance Officer Capt Mike Carpenter
Aircraft Management Officer 1st Lt Robert Taets
Chief Aircraft POC Capt Stewart Orlin
Operations - Support  
CISM Coordinator Capt Kevin Massey
Operations - Special Operations  
Counter Drug Officer Lt Col Mark Razny
Director of Communication Lt Col Bob Becker
Asst Director of Communication Capt Steve Malmgrem
Licensing Officer Lt Col Jim Weiland
Net Control Station Lt Col Jim Weiland
FEMA V Liaison Lt Col James Bartel
FEMA VII Liaison Capt John Myers II
Wing HQ Facilities Manager Lt Col John Patrizi
Director of Logistics Lt Col John Patrizi
Transportation Officer Lt Col Robert Taylor
Finance Officer Lt Col Gary Wolfe
Assistant Finance Officer Capt Dennis Svoboda
Assistant Finance Officer 1st Lt Michael Emmert
Director of Development Maj Kalman Kahn
Cadet Programs  
Director of Cadet Programs Lt Col John J Higgins, Jr
Assistant Director of Cadet Programs Capt John C Wenzel
Cadet Programs Development Officer Capt Valerie Espinili
Cadet Activities Officer Lt Col James Kalemis
IL Wing CAC Chair C/1st Lt Evelyn Buck
Cadet Competition Officer Capt Gabriel McDowell
Cadet Programs - Encampments  
Spring Encampment Commander Lt Col Bob Williams
Summer Encampment Commander Capt Gabriel McDowell
Aerospace Education  
Director Of Aerospace Education Maj Mike Marzano
Internal Aerospace Education Officer Capt John C Wenzel
External Aerospace Education Officer 1st Lt Kenneth D Lambeth
Fly a Teacher Coordinator Vacant
Wing Historian Maj Jill Paulson
Assistant Historian Lt Col Randall Mitchell
Assistant Historian Maj Kenneth Mysliwiec




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