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Chaplain Services

Illinois Wing Chaplain

Ch. Capt Kevin Massey

QPR- Question, Persuade and Refer Suicide Awareness Personnel 

Ch. Capt Kevin Massey

Ch. Maj Jill Paulson

Please see page titled “Suicide Awareness – Illinois Wing, Civil Air Patrol” for more information.


New Character Development Requirements

CAPR 265-1 was revised 3 April 2015, making it easier for members who would like to become Character Development Instructors, CDIs, to do so.   The 60 semester (90 quarter) post high school educational requirement has been eliminated and two CAP courses put in it’s place.  The CAP Courses are the Basic Instructor Course and Training Leaders of Cadets, Basic Component (as there are now three levels to this program).  In addition the recommendation letter from a religious leader, that was required to be done in a specific format, has been changed to a recommendation stating that the member is morally and emotionally qualified to serve as a CDI from a non-family, non CAP member of the community.  The CDI application, CAPF35a has also been appropriately modified.   Chaplains and CDIs are approved to facilitate CDI discussions and can only use the approved NHQ material available on-line.   Unit commanders can temporarily lead CDI sessions but need to be actively recruiting a chaplain or CDI to take over this responsibility.


New Cadet Wingman Program

The Cadet Wingman Course is a squadron-level curriculum for new cadets working toward their Curry Achievement.  It is offered in conjunction with existing character development classes, taught by Chaplains and Character Development Instructors (CDIs), and allows an integrated approach for introducing Civil Air Patrol’s Core Values, Wingman concept, safety, and cadet protection.  Commanders, safety officers, chaplains, CDIs and others work together to help our cadets aim for excellence, stay safe and have fun.   The Cadet Wingman Course replaces the online Introduction to Safety and, when offered, can replace or supplement the “Ground School” Character Development lessons taught by Chaplains and CDIs.   It needs to be a team effort in squadrons.

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