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Licensing (Equipment)

All radios to be used in CAP must be licensed to obtain a call sign.  This is a very simple process but it must be completed by the person the radio is issued to. In the case of radios to be stored/used at a unit location, the unit’s communications officer should complete the application.  No member should complete the request for another member.

Corporate owned radios

In order to obtain a call sign for a Corporate owned radio, you will need to know the property tag number of the radio.

Member owned radios

If you would like to use a radio that you own on CAP frequencies, first make sure it’s an NTIA Compliant Radio by checking on the NHQ Communications Web Site in eServices.

Note: There is an inexpensive radio sold under the brand name Wouxun. While the manufacture has claimed to meet the requirements for NTIA compliance, there is some speculation that in fact it does not and the radio has not yet been formally approved for CAP use. Please be aware that authority to license this radio has been revoked until such time as the manufacturer responds.

It is recommended that members only purchase equipment that is P-25 capable. Radios that do not support P-25 will be of very limited use for CAP purposes.

License Application and Renewal Requests

Click the link below to begin the application process:

Illinois Wing Corporate or Illinois Wing member owned radio application





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