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CAPR 35-5 – CAP Officer and NCO Appointments and Promotions

CAPR 39-3 – Award of CAP Medals, Ribbons, and Certificates

CAPR 40-1 – CAP Senior Member Education and Training Program

CAPR 40-2 – Test Administration and Security

CAPP 40-7 – Mentoring

CAPP 40-40 – Specialty Track Study Guide-Professional Development Officer

CAP Publications / Specialty Tracks (scroll down through pamphlets to find the desired specialty track)

CAP Forms Publications and Regulations

CAP senior member welcome information

FAA Regulations

American Red Cross Training Materials

FEMA ISP Training Courses

TLC Basic and TLC Intermediate course hosted by the CAP Chaplain Corps

Specialty Track Documentation Worksheets

These are acceptable proofs of completion to get your education & training levels approved. 
Submit all required substantiating documents to your squadron ETO and commander for verification. To speed up the process, you can carbon copy your group ETO and commander and the ILWG DET at If the DET does not receive the required substantiating documents your professional level will not be approved. This list is not all-inclusive. Contact the ILWG DET,, with any questions about substantiating documents.

Note:  Some cadet programs track senior and master level requirements have been modified due to COVID-19. 
Here is the news release.


Substantiating Documents

Level 2

* eServices Member Report


* SLS CAPF 11 and Yeager Certificate (if not in eServices)


Level 3


* eServices Member Report
* Conference dates


* CLC CAPF 11 (if not in eServices.)
* Conference participation letters (if letters aren’t in ILWG ET library), conference certificate, or conference registration proof
* Note added to member’s New Member Plan of Action showing you as Level 1 mentor or memo saying you mentored a new member.

Level 4

* eServices Member Report
* Proof of military PME (PII sanitized DD-214, completion cert, etc.) if applicable


* CAPF 11 listing you as an instructor or conference participation letter showing you as a presenter
* Memo from host documenting your presentation or AE outreach, or event entered in eServices Attendance Log application


Level 5

* eServices Member Report
* Proof of military PME (PII sanitized DD-214, completion cert, etc.) if applicable


* CAPF 11 listing you as an instructor.
* Participation letter showing you as staff or event staff roster
* Specialty track checklist showing you as OJT for another member





















For wing staff specialty track approvals, send your completed specialty track checklist and supporting documents to for entry into eServices and approval by the ILWG/CC.

PDF fillable specialty track checklists are available in the ET Reference Library above.


Aerospace Education Lesson Plans
The POH – Lesson Plan
NOTE: This lesson plan has been approved as an AEX Project by Dr. Jeff Montgomery – Deputy Director, AE-Curriculum and Policy Issues on 15 Aug 2017.







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