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Phoenix CLAW

ATS, NCOLS, and SNCOLS are now full!    Still taking seniors for Levels 2 and 3.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Become a better leader!      Attend Phoenix CLAW! 

WHAT: Phoenix CLAW (Cadet Leadership Academy Weekend) 2023
WHEN: 8-10 September 2023
WHERE:  Illinois Military Academy, Camp Lincoln, Springfield, IL
WHO: ALL cadets & seniors (see below for more detail)
WHY: This new ANNUAL event will Promote cadet engagement, camaraderie, and leadership skills of Illinois cadets in all four phases of the Cadet Program; Provide more cadet leadership opportunities in ILWG; Enable Senior Member progression in the Education and training program.
COST: Due to an extremely generous donation, there will be NO ACTIVITY FEE CHARGED FOR CADET PARTICIPANTS!
            Senior Member's fee has been reduced to $25! Please bring it to check-in.



The phoenix of Greek mythology possessed incredible powers and served as a symbol of hope, determination, and perseverance. After enduring great trials and overcoming great challenges, the phoenix emerges from the ashes of its previous self, stronger than ever before.

A resilient leader who can overcome adversity and emerge victorious has the “spirit of the phoenix.”  In times of great challenge, this spirit enables leaders to inspire others and bring about positive change.

This explains why Phoenix CLAW seeks the inspiration of such a creature.  Our curriculum forges leaders to return to their units anew, ready to energize their peers, leaders, and followers.


  • Phase I & II cadets will be cadet students (CSs) in three courses: C/AB-C/A1C will attend Airman Training School (ATS), C/SrA-C/TSgt will attend NCO Leadership School (NCOLS), C/MSgt-C/CMSgt will attend Senior NCO Leadership School (SNCOLS).  The maximum student load is 15 per course.
  • Phase III cadets will serve in direct leadership positions as course Officers In Charge (OICs).  Each school will have two.  This supports the objectives for the Leadership Phase of the CP.
  • Phase IV cadets will serve in indirect leadership positions as the cadet commander (C/CC) and cadet deputy commander (C/CD).  This supports the objectives for the Executive Phase of the CP.


  • ATS (C/AB-C/A1C): ATS aims to instill fundamental tools such as advanced followership, drill proficiency, and elementary leadership in developing cadets that will contribute to their personal and professional growth.
    • The learning target for this course is proficient element members and leaders.
    • Course NCOIC: MSgt Shane Guernsey, ILWG NCO Advisor
  • NCOLS (C/SrA-C/TSgt): The goal of the Non-Commissioned Officer Leadership School is to provide the cadet with a foundation for the intermediate phases of the cadet training in Civil Air Patrol. NCOLS stresses the fundamental aspects of instructional techniques, evaluation methods, and intermediate leadership laboratory skills.
    • The learning target for this course is proficient element leaders and flight sergeants.
    • Course NCOIC: SMSgt Kris Matthews, Great Lakes Region NCO Advisor
  • SNCOLS (C/MSgt-C/CMSgt): The goal of SNCOLS is to create an environment in pursuit of the mastery of Drill and Ceremonies, NCO leadership, and the mentoring of NCOs and Airmen, as well as to refine the techniques of public speaking, and classroom instruction. SNCOLS also prepares the cadet senior NCO to become a cadet officer.
    • The learning target for this course is proficient flight sergeants and first sergeants.
    • Course NCOIC: CMSgt Cory Felts, GLR Command Chief Master Sergeant
  • Education & Training (Senior Members): The CAP Senior Member Education and Training Program prepares senior members (SMs) to serve their units, communities, and nation.  Using an academic structure, the program is managed through Volunteer University (VolU).
    • The learning target for this course is to satisfy academic requirements for SMs to progress toward their next ET level.
    • Senior Member students wishing to take Level 2 or Level 3 modules or TLC Combo (Basic on Saturday, Intermediate on Sunday), apply here:    Senior Member's fee has been reduced to $25! Please bring it to check-in.
    • Course Director: Capt Julie Moses, ILWG Education & Training Officer
Time Event Remarks
Thur, 1 June 2023 Announce course, open staff & student apps 15 slots per cadet course, ILWG cadets are first priority, then GLR, then all others  
Sat, 1 July 2023 Cadet Staff Applications Close  
Mon, 24 July 2023 Cadet Staff Selection Notifications  
Fri, 11 Aug 2023 Student Apps Close  
Sat, 2 Sept 2023 Required Staff Training (RST) All senior & cadet staff (VIRTUAL)
Fri, 8 Sept 2023 CLAW begins  Sign-in 1600-1800 in ABUs
Sun, 10 Sept 2023 CLAW complete Dismissal @ 1600



  • Senior Member Logistics Officer:
    • Manage vehicle fleet, taking keys of COVs brought to the activity and signing them out as needed
    • Liaison with ILANG personnel to communicate dietary restrictions and identify any assistance needed with feeding, then coordinate to resolve
    • Work with AD and staff to collect and fulfill any resource requests
  • Cadet Commander (C/Capt-C/Col) & Cadet Deputy Commander (C/Capt-C/Col)
    • Lead cadet staff to ensure that cadets are always safe, disciplined, and engaged.
    • Mentor cadet staff to support their leadership development.
    • Establish and communicate standards for barracks and common areas that balance cleanliness with a busy training schedule and utilize items on the packing list.
    • Complete tasks as directed by the Activity Director.
  • Cadet Course OIC & Deputy OIC (C/2nd Lt-C/1st Lt)
    • Lead cadet students in their course, ensuring their welfare, safety, discipline, and engagement throughout the course.
    • Ensure cadet students are in the right place, at the right time, in the right uniform, with the right equipment, and the right attitude/mindset.
    • Supervise cadet students directly during non-instructional time, including maintenance of barracks rooms and common areas.
    • Prepare and instruct classes as directed by the Course NCOIC
  • CADET STAFF Application Procedures



SMSgt Matthews



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