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Mission Presentation

Civil Air Patrol has a large variety of capabilities that may be utilized by our Federal, State, County, and Local Municipality partners to assist our fellow citizens and prevent and mitigate human suffering.  The Capabilities Presentation is designed to familiarize government officials and emergency response agencies with the Civil Air Patrol and our capabilities.  Please reach out to our Emergency Services Officer at for more information.

2018 IL Civil Air Patrol Mission Presentation

Examples of Assistance CAP Could Be Requested To Provide

  • Digital Aerial Still Photography (Nadir or Oblique)
  • Digital Ground Still Photography for Damage Assessment
  • Real Time Digital Video Photography utilizing the Domestic Operations (DOMOPS) Awareness and Assessment Tool (DAART) (Formerly the Geospatial Information Interoperability Exploitation – Portable (GIIEP) System)
  • Ground Traffic Monitoring from the Air
  • Aerial Visual Surveys of Incident for Incident Management Leadership and VIP’s
  • Aerial and Ground Based Visual Damage Assessment
  • Air and Ground Transportation of Critical Equipment
  • Radio Relay – Airborne Repeater, Airborne Manual Relay, Ground Based Repeater, or Ground Based Manual Relay
  • Chaplain Support
  • Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Support
  • Air Defense Intercept
  • Base/Perimeter Aerial Patrols
  • Low Level Range Surveys
  • Radar Analysis
  • NIMS/ICS All Hazard Incident Management Team Personnel
  • Wilderness and Light Urban Area Search and Rescue
  • Wellness Checks
  • Personnel to Assist with Shelter Management
  • Personnel to Assist with Points of Distribution of Supplies
  • UAS/UAV Escort
  • RPV Simulation
  • Cell Phone Analysis
  • Radar Analysis
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