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Virb Operations

Virb Camera

Bring a 3mm hex wrench to use with the Virb kit. This is currently not part of the Virb kit.

The day before, charge batteries for both tablet and the Virb. Reminder there are 3 or 4 Virb batteries in the kit.

The Virb mount can vary by airplane. You use one adapter or the other. Basically, one mount is 90° different from the other.

With most IL Wing aircraft, use this setup (dual tabs):

Virb Full Mount   Virb Dual Tabs

Ignore this part (single tab):

Power on the tablet and verify the date and time. / camera2050569      <— CAP asset number

VIRB-0160 / garminvirb      <— Virb WiFi

Virb app settings:

Mode: Time lapse

Self timer: 10 secs

Field of view: Wide

Repeat: Continuous

Recording Light: On

Tones: On

Nadir (in ImageUploader)

Profile # 1: 2500 AGL, 100 Kts, 1/2 mile grid

Profile # 2: 1500 AGL, 100 Kts, 1/2 mile grid


For an extract of the Virb presentation from NESA, click here: CAP AP Slides (VIRB extract)




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