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Illinois Wing Patch History

Purpose and Objectives of the CAP Historical Program.

The purpose of the CAP Historical Program is to systematically collect historical data and prepare accurate and useful accounts of the organization, development, administration, operations, and other features of the Civil Air Patrol and its antecedents. The program’s principal objectives are to provide historical data for CAP planning, operational and educational purposes; to preserve and disseminate the history of Civil Air Patrol; and to prepare and publish scholarly books and studies that keep the public informed about Civil Air Patrol and its cadet program, aerospace education, and emergency services missions. The CAP Historical Program is designed to: Prepare annual national, region, and wing histories and encourage their preparation at the group and squadron level.

  1. Assemble and maintain copies of CAP historical documentation.
  2. Prepare historical material for orientation purposes and building esprit de corps.
  3. Assist and advise military personnel and qualified civilians concerning research; preparing lectures, papers, and staff studies; and other activities that require historical knowledge or the use of historical materials.
  4. Arouse and develop increased interest in and an improved understanding of military history among CAP personnel, historians, and students.
  5. Develop an Oral History Program as an adjunct to the traditional written one.

Civil Air Patrol History

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