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Email system for Emergency Services

As a member of CAP’s Emergency Services, you may be called up in many ways to assist. Listed below are the email lists that Incident Commanders (IC’s) will be using. Depending on your qualifications, you may be on several of these lists. You must be current with your qualification to be included in the lists. The lists are physically accessed as listname@ILWG.CAP.GOV where listname is the entry listed below.


  • Aircrews - This list contains a list of everybody who is Aircrew qualified.

  • AP - This list is for those who are Airborne Photographer (AP) qualified.

  • CAPDL - This list is for those with a CAP Drivers License.

  • CheckPilotExaminers - This list is is for those who are qualified as a Check Pilot Examiner.

  • CheckPilots - This list is for those who are qualified as Check Pilots.

  • CommES - This list is for those who have an Mission Radio Operator (MRO) rating.

  • ES - This list is for everybody who is qualified for Emergency Services. In short anybody who has completed the GES 116 test. If a mission is called, real or simulated, this list contains the details of the mission.

  • FRO - This list is for Flight Release Officers.

  • GroundTeams - This list contains everybody who is Ground Team qualified.

  • GROUPx-Pilots - This is an abbreviated list for Pilots in a particular Group (where x is the Group number, 1-6).

  • GTL - This list contains those who are qualified as a Ground Team Leader.

  • IC - This is a list of our Incident Commanders. This list allows IC’s to communicate with all other IC’s.

  • MBS - This is a list of who are qualified as Mission Base Staff (Mission Staff Assistance (MSA) and higher ratings).

  • MSO - This is a list of Mission Safety Officers.

  • PAO - This is a list of Public Affairs Officers.

  • Pilots - This is a list of all Pilots.

  • REDCAP - This list is used in the event of a mission, typically real but can be used for simulated missions. This list is similar to the ES list mentioned above but message are sent not only email address, but can also be sent out as a TEXT message if your number is registered in eServices (see this link: Messages send to this list should be short and should refer people to the ES message that contains more details. An example of REDCAP would indicate a synopsis of what the mission is and the broad area of the mission (Southern IL for example).

  • Scanner - This list is for those who are qualified as a Mission Scanner (MS).




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