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Email system for Group Commanders

Congratulations to you as a Group commander. Here are a few tips about the email system available to you.

  • Your group has a fixed email assigned to you. It is where nnn is your unit number (not your Group number). For example While this email can be used to communicate with the remainder of the world, the primary focus is to hold a Google Drive account for your group. It is recommended that each of your subordinate areas store files in the area so as positions are re-populated, important documents and past history are not lost. You may organize it in any way you wish but one suggestion is to create folders for each functional area then grant permission to that area to the current person in charge. When they move on, simply re-assign permissions to the new staff.
    • You should ask the previous group commander for the password to this account. It can be reset but the password is not known to anyone else.
  • When your assignment has been approved in eServices, you be will a member of your Group commanders email lists, The same holds true to any deputies you assign. They will automatically be assigned to the Group’s email lists.
  • You have several email lists assigned to your group. Each are updated automatically.
    • This list will let you send communications to all members directly assigned to your group. If a member is TDY to your unit, they will not receive the email. You will need to contact them directly. Cadet parents are included in this communications.
    • This let will let you send communications to all cadets contacts assigned to your group. These emails will also go to cadet parents and all deputy commanders for cadets. As group commander, you will also receive a copy of all messages sent to this list. Anyone who is a member of this list can send to the list. This a great way for your staff to communicate with cadets.
    • Even though senior members are technically now called ACTIVE members, the email list existed before the change. Similar to above, anybody who is listed as a senior member in your unit will receive communications. And as always, anybody who is a member of the list can post to the list so your staff can use this list to communicate with all senior members in your group.
    • This email list will let you communicate with members assigned to your staff, assuming they are permanently assigned. If they are TDY, they won’t receive email communications via this list.
    • All CAC representatives in your Group.
    •  This email list will let you communicate with the Squadron commanders and their deputies. You don’t need to keep track of them yourself. This email list does it automatially.
    • All Deputy Commanders (and unit commanders)
    • All Deputy Commanders for Cadets (and unit commanders)
    • All Deputy Commanders for Seniors (and unit commanders)
    • All of your Recruiting and Retention Officers and the unit commanders (recommended to use this one on your web presence)
    • All pilots assigned to your Group.

While all of the email lists are updated automatically, the automation is triggered manually, typically around the 5th of every month. If you have any changes to your units (new members, new assignments) that need to be reflected sooner, please contact Maj Edward Danley ( and he can trigger the updates to the email lists.



Last reviewed: 9 Dec 21

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