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REDCAP messages as a TEXT message

If you would like to receive Illinois Wing REDCAP messages as a TEXT message on your cell phone, go into eServices, at the top of the page under My Account. Now on the left hand side, click on “Contacts” under “My Account“. Select “Add new contact“, “Alpha Pager” and priority “Emergency” then enter your 10 digit phone number followed by the “at” sign (@) followed by the text domain suffix below for your carrier.

Note that your phone number should NOT contain parenthesis, double hash marks (#), spaces, dashes, or even a leading one (1). For example: You should all know what a properly formatted email address looks like by now.

While you are doing this, you may want to validate all of your other contact information.

While eServices updates this information immediately, it can take up to a month before it flows through the IL Wing email system.

Some of the major carriers in the Illinois area:

AT&T or (for MMS?)
Boost Mobile
Metro PCS
Nextel or – check with Sprint Nextel
Sprint, or – check with Sprint
US Cellular
Verizon or
Virgin Mobile


If you have a TracPhone, visit, type in your phone number and it will tell you the first carrier your phone was assigned to. If you (or TracPhone behind the scenes) have switched carriers but kept your phone number, this may not be accurate.

In all cases, send an email message to your formatted text number to test your ability to receive incoming text messages before making the change on eServices.

What if it doesn’t work or your carrier is not listed? Generally you can send a text message to your own email. In the To: section of the text, simply type in your email address. Then wait for the email and see where it came from.

As they always say on TV, remember that normal text rates will apply for your phone.

Last reviewed: 9 Dec 21

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