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Requesting an email address

IL WG provides free email addresses for Wing members. This is for official use only and should be considered a privilege. Any abuse of this privilege will be reported to your commander.

This is a self service, automated process. Please visit to register for an email address. Once signed in, use the Home menu and select the Request An Email Address option.

A word of note, the above mentioned URL is run on a private network with a self assigned security certificate.

  • The server is checked regularly for problems but many work networks do not allow connections to systems with self assigned certificates. If that is the case try your home network or a different browser.
  • If you are blocked on a home network, there will be a message on the page that says something like “I trust this site” or “Allow an exception“. (The message varies by browser.) Select that option to allow the process to continue.
  • If neither of these options work, have your squadron commander contact Maj Edward Danley @

Once you have your @ILWG.CAP.GOV email address, remember to go into eServices and update your email contact. Allow ~30 days for the change to take effect, or send an email to Maj Danley and the update can be pushed sooner.

Also, you may visit as many times as necessary to review the initial setup instructions.




Last reviewed 19 Mar 21

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