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Transportation Officer Lt Col Robert Taylor

Welcome to the Illinois Wing Transportation page.  I continue to add tools and information to this page to assist Vehicle Managers and Illinois Wing members who use our vehicles, as processes and procedures change. Many of your questions can be answered by reading  OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF CIVIL AIR PATROL VEHICLES CAPR 77-1

Visit the DRIVERS AWARNESS BULLETIN developed by NHQ Transportation and members of the Transportation User Group to share safety practices and information pertaining to vehicle operation and use.

Any member who drives a corporate vehicle is responsible for reading and understanding the  regulation requirements. This includes but limited to daily safety inspections, correctly entering information on CAPF 73, who to contact in the event of a breakdown or accident and the correct usage of the EFS Master Card. I also encourage all drivers to take the PASSENGER VAN SAFETY AWARENESS quiz


Reminder to all Vehicle Managers your usage reports are due by the fifth of the month. Click here to go directly to eServices and the ORMS vehicle usage page to add your information from the monthly CAPF 73.   Scan and save ( pdf) your current month CAPF 73  on to your computer before starting the process, you will need to upload that document after entering your usage information.


All Vehicle Managers are responsible for periodic maintenance based on the manufactures recommended Vehicle Maintenance Schedule found in the vehicles owners manual. Civil Air Patrol uses the EFS Master Card for vehicle maintenance and fuel on approved missions. Each vehicle has a EFS master card assigned to it, you will find the card in the vehicle binder.  Additional information on the use of the master card is contained in the vehicle binder. All maintenance and supporting documents (receipts) must be entered and uploaded into ORMS under the vehicle maintenance tab with in 24/48 hrs. Scan and save ( pdf) your receipts on to your computer before starting the process, you will need to upload those documents after entering your maintenance information. For windshield replacement or repair contact the Illinois Wing Transportation Officer for information. All tires will be replaced after six years based on the mfg date found on the tire walls, this includes the spare tire. Tires will be rotated at least once a year (five tire rotation if there is a spare). For more information on tire safety go to the  Tire Familiarization and Safety Course


From December to March vehicle usage traditionally decreases. This does not mean our maintenance decreases, if your vehicle has not been used during the month perform a safety/maintenance inspection during  your unit meeting time, start and run vehicle for a short period of time, if you are in the vehicle during a scheduled Radio Net, check into the NET to insure radio is working, if the vehicle is covered with ice and snow clean it off. If you are planning on using the vehicle during the winter now is the time to take the WINTER DRIVING SAFETY quiz. Lets keep safety our number one priority and keep our vehicle fleet MISSION READY!


IMPORTANT! Before you begin, you should scan and save a copy of your state-issued driving record and a second separate file containing your current driver license (no more than sixty days old). You will need to up load these scanned (pdf or jpg) documents later into Ops Quals. We recommend you save these documents with a file name containing your last name and driver license or driving record. An example of this would be “Your Name Driving Record” or “Your Name Driver License” for easy access.

To request a CAP drivers license you must be an active CAP member and hold a valid state driver’s license. Your request needs to be made through eServices /OPs Quals/Drivers License  and you will need to upload the following:

  1. Scanned copy of your state driver’s license (front and back)
  2. Scanned copy of your state driver’s abstract

After you have uploaded your documents, and checked off the appropriate vehicles you must click the submit button at the bottom of the page. For trailer towing and pick-up truck send an e-mail to the ILWG LGT explaining the need for these approvals. The need for these approvals is limited and will be considered on a case by case basis. In all cases do not select special use vehicles, per CAPR-77-1 para1- 6Special Use Vehicles. a. Golf cart type utility vehicles (internal combustion or electric) may be authorized for use at wing–level, region-level or national–level activities by the commander at such level on an individual activity basis. We do not have any special use vehicles in Illinois Wing.

The approval process will then go through the chain-of-command. After the Illinois Wing Headquarters LGT completes the final approval your CAP drivers license will appear on your 101 card. Go back to eServices/OPs Quals, you may then print out a new 101 card showing you are authorized to operate the CAP vehicles listed. For a more detailed instructions and reasons why your request may be denied go to this link in eServices Driver’s License Module Instructions .

Because of changes of obtaining a renewed Illinois drivers license (you must go to a Secretary of State Office in person) I suggest you renew your Illinois drivers license early in the month your state license expires. You will be given a temporary license until your permanent license is mailed to you in one or two weeks. If you have a current CAP drivers license it will not expire until the end of the month your state license expires, so you can wait for your permanent license to arrive and request a renewal thru e-services at that time. If you wait until the end of the month your CAP drivers license will expire and you will need to wait until your permanent license arrives. If you need your CAP drivers license and cannot wait you will have to request renewing your CAP drivers license twice, once with the temporary license and the date it expires and a second time when your permanent license expires. You will be able to use the same abstract for both requests. For more information on the new drivers license process in Illinois go to this link Illinois Drivers License/Central Issuance .

You can request a copy of your driver’s abstract from your states department of motor vehicles, either online or in-person for a fee. To find the closes Illinois Secretary of State Office to visit in person use this link: Illinois Secretary of State Facility Finder. You will fill out a Abstract Request Form, pay your fee and receive  your abstract immediately. If you have a license from another state go to your states web site for more information.

To find vehicle locations and the assigned vehicle manager click the link in the left column.



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