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Orientation Flights

Illinois Wing Orientation Flight Officer:  Major James Wresch

The Wing’s goal is to fly 516 orientation flights in FY2017.   This will be challenging but is not impossible.    Each group will need to contribute regularly in order to meet this challenge.

A handful of units have their own pilots and ready access to an aircraft with which to conduct orientation flights.   Many more do not.  If your unit is one of the latter, that’s where the Group Orientation Flight Coordinator (OFC) comes in.   Each group has at least one.

Units without orientation pilots and/or aircraft should use their OFC to arrange the resources needed to conduct orientation flights.    Units with resources should keep their OFC informed as to their own orientation flight activity as well as volunteer to help their OFC conduct orientation flights for other units.

Group 1 Capt Evan Youngblood
Group 2 2d Lt Ray Walden IV
Group 3 Maj Andy Peterson
Group 4 Lt Col Jerry Lowry
Capt Don Johnson
Group 5 1st Lt Matt Thompson
Group 6  


Prior to conduction orientation flights, there must be funds available.  The process for requesting funds for an orientation flight event are found in the document below.    The process requires a funding spreadsheet to be completed and submitted to the wing orientation flight officer.

Orientation Flight Funding Request Process

Funding Request Spreadsheet

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