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Scheduling A Checkride

If you are a new-to-CAP pilot, consider taking a "Form 5 Familiarization" flight prior to an initial Form 5. This will ensure your knowledge of CAP-specific flight procedures to ensure a successful checkride. A CAP instructor should recommend you for your first Form 5.

Each CAP pilot must complete a Form 5 annually. It is the pilots responsibility to contact a check pilot and schedule a checkride. Using your account, you can access a list of ILWG check pilots here. Call or email the check pilot to schedule a checkride.

Preparing for Your Checkride

Your check pilot will send you a document detailing the expectations of your checkride. Each checkride is regulated by CAPR 70-1 and CAPS 72-6. Generally speaking, the FAA ACS for the pilot certificate level held is used for maneuvers. Proficiency in the aircraft used on the checkride is expected.


  • Current CAP member in good standing
  • Must have a current flight review as of the Form 5 date
  • Must have a valid FAA medical or BasicMed as of the Form 5 date for at least Private Pilot privileges
  • Must have completed all prerequisites at least 24 hours PRIOR to the Form 5 date


  • Sortie added to WMIRS
  • ORM Completed in WMIRS
  • 104 Briefing Completed in WMIRS
  • Weight & Balance Uploaded to WMIRS
  • TOLD Calculated & Correct
  • Flight Release Obtained (electronic release in WMIRS)
  • Annual CAPR 70-1 Exams (within previous 60 days)
  • Orientation Pilot test (within previous 4 years) - if applicable


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