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The Role of Command and the Public Affairs Team

Public Affairs (PA) is a powerful leadership and unit-building tool and an important component of the Civil Air Patrol’s strategic communications at the commander’s disposal. Public Affairs encompasses efforts that have proven to be effective in attracting, retaining, and growing membership. The CAP Strategic Action Plan aims to “enhance understanding of CAP’s value to America so that we can grow our organization to better serve the nation.” The professional development courses leading up to a command position currently include practically no information on PA. Yet, this staff position is so important that it cannot remain vacant – this means that if no Public Affairs Officer (PAO) is assigned, those duties are the commander’s responsibility. (CAPR 190-1, 3c)  

Successful use of PA normally results in better member retention, morale, and esprit-de-corps. Recruiting, community, and media relations are dependent on good PA work.

At any command level, the PAO is responsible for “telling the CAP story” and maximizing publicity for the unit and its activities. CAP relies on informed, active, and engaged members to perform its duties competently and effectively. In all PA work, the emphasis must be on unit members, their CAP activities (especially those on behalf of the community), and the resulting benefit to the community, state, and nation. Telling CAP stories to members and those outside the organization, including potential members, is essential to maintaining operational readiness.  

References: CAPR 30-1 - Organization of Civil Air Patrol, CAPR 190-1 - Civil Air Patrol Public Affairs Program


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