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COVID-19 Information

Current Remobilization Phase Information & Documents

  • 9 July 2022 Update
    • Remobilization Briefing dated 9 July 2022 now posted under Related Documents
  • COVID Risk Assessment and Checklist form located on right side of window under Related Documents

Illinois Wing COVID-19 Remobilization Plans

Illinois Wing is remobilizing based on CAP Phases. CAP Phases are not the same as the State of Illinois Phases.
COVID Risk Assessment and Checklist for each Phase are located on right side of window under Related Documents


ILWG CoVID Briefing - 2Jan22

ILWG CoVID Phase II Act HazAssess Chklst_9Dec21

ILWG CoVID Briefing - 11Dec21

ILWG CoVID Phase III HazAssess Chklst (5 Jun 21)

COVID-19 Remobilization Memo May 2021 (2021-05-28)

Col Dempsey speaking on IL Wing Phase II re-opening (2021-05-21)

Col Dempsey speaking on IL Wing Phase 1 re-opening (2020-07-09)

Commanders Call Video Presentation (2020-06-13)

Commanders Call Slides (2020-06-13)

Phase I start-up follow up 6 Jul 20


Phase III Begins 11 Jun 21

ILWG CoVID Phase III HazAssess Chklst


Phase II Begins 14 May 21

Effective 14 May 21, max 50 members per meeting, all day events but no overnights, temperature screening continues, no guests, no perspective members, no parents, 6 ft. physical distancing remains, high risk members are encouraged to continue attending virtually.

Find the Phase II Checklist on the right side of this window.

ILWGF 301 will remain required for ALL activities except regular unit meetings.

And as we have stated before, COVID-19 is very unpredictable, so our ability to accurately forecast is very difficult.  Your continued patience and understanding are greatly appreciated. If conditions dictate we may need to revert to greater restrictions.

Vaccine availability continues to improve and starting today all persons 12 years and older are eligible to receive the vaccine.  The IL Wing COVID committee urges you to discuss this with your doctor and consider getting vaccinated.


Phase II Documents as of 27 Mar 21

Summary: Begins 1 Apr 21, Max 50 members per meeting, All day events but no overnights, No guests, No perspective members, No parents, 6 ft physical distancing remains.

ILWG Commanders Call Presentation (27 Mar 21)

Covid Assessment Checklist Phase II Word Format (7 Feb 21)

Covid Assessment Checklist Phase II PDF Format (7 Feb 21)

Thermometer Video Training from Wing Medical Officer (2020-06-15)

Updated documents as of 18 Dec 20

CAP COVID-19 Temperature Screening

CAP Major Gen Smith's COVID19 Note 14 Dec 20


CAPF160-S Risk Assess Worksheet

IDPH General CoVID Prevention

IDPH What If I Have Been Exposed




Documents as of 20 Aug 20

COVID-19 Temperature Screening Guidelines

5 M's for COVID Risk Assessment

CDC 6 steps to prevent spread

CDC Youth Camp Considerations

State of Illinois Day Camp Guidelines

Civil Air Patrol Guideline for Gatherings

Civil Air Patrol Remobilization of Membership

People Who Are at Higher Risk for Severe Illness

Covid Assessment Checklist Phase I (05 Jul 20)


CAP NHQ Guide to Waivers and Guidance

IL Wing Talk with a Chaplain


IL Wing Virtual Meetings

Illinois Wing has activated Google Meet/HangoutsMeet for all email addresses. Visit this page for more information.

IL Wing Health and Wellness Alerts Information

RedCap vs. Health and Wellness

Thriving in Challenging Times

A resiliency boosting presentation by Wing Critical Incident Stress Management Officer, Chaplain (Capt) Kevin Massey


Try to stay current so you can be used in a Mission. Funds are available.

Sanitizing Vehicles and Aircraft

Aircraft Specific

Garmin | Service Advisories

Link to Service Advisories – Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Advisory 2051: Cleaning/Disinfecting Guidance

Posted: 20 Mar 2020 09:40 AM PDT


All Garmin aviation products are affected.


Garmin would like to provide some general recommendations for materials and supplies used to clean/disinfect Garmin aviation products. Not following the recommendations below could void the warranty.

The following guidance is intended to help reduce the spread of disease while preserving the integrity of Garmin aviation products. Garmin does not guarantee that it will do so in all cases. For general cleaning and disinfecting guidance, please refer to CDC guidelines and other applicable guidelines.

Cleaning and Disinfecting:

§ Cleaners containing ammonia will harm the anti-reflective coating on many Garmin aviation display lenses.

§ Disinfecting using a solution of 70% isopropyl alcohol that does not contain ammonia is preferred. Solutions of up to 91% isopropyl alcohol are also acceptable.

§ Clean the display lens using a clean lint-free cloth and a cleaner that is specified as safe for anti-reflective coatings.

§ For other exposed surfaces such as knobs, buttons, and bezels, a damp cloth with soap and water is acceptable. Garmin does not recommend bleach-based cleaners, ammonia-based cleaners, or other harsh chemicals on any surface.

§ Remove all soap/soap residue to prevent buttons and knobs from gumming up or becoming slippery.

§ Many aviation products are not rated as waterproof. Spraying or wetting the units to the extent where moisture could go beyond the exterior surfaces could damage the unit.

Service Advisory 2051 Rev A

The post Service Advisory 2051: Cleaning/Disinfecting Guidance appeared first on Aviation Alerts and Advisories.

Respectfully, Capt Stewart Orlin, CAP

Cadet Programs Waiver

General Smith's Waiver letter

Cadets COVID-19 Information


Commanders Responsibilities

As a member of the Total Force, the Air Force is asking us to maintain awareness of the impact that COVID-19 is having on our membership.  To be able to keep the Air Force appraised, and our senior CAP leadership informed, our national geospatial information systems (GIS) staff have built an easy online reporting tool that General Smith has asked that we push out to you so that each unit can provide us weekly status reports as well as let us know any issues that you are having.  The tool is available at: You or your designee are asked to provide inputs to this tool each week by Monday at 1200 Central Daylight Time.  You do not have to do this reporting yourself, but we’d encourage you to pick a specific member, possibly your deputy/vice commander, health services officer, or a member of your operations staff to be responsible for this to avoid incorrect reporting.  You or your designee can update this as often as you desire but must do it at least once per week as outlined above.  The data will not be made public, but key leaders at the Wing, Region and National level will be provided a dashboard to view data provided and help them address issues you send forward.  Please only report on personnel assigned to your unit, and DO NOT enter data referring to specific members of your unit, especially their health status or other personally identifiable information.  Feel free to reach out to me directly or our GIS staff at if you have any questions about this tool.

National Commander's Letter: Emphasizing Engagement

Read it here.










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